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Insects serve an essential purpose that supports all life on earth: pollinating plants in the environments. Every specimen is collected from a Sanctuary after death, having lived its life promoting ecological awareness and education about the importance of insects to our world.
I started collecting butterflies at the age of 14, after becoming a double amputee on both my feet. Nature became my world as I cloaked myself in it to remove myself from the negative thoughts, sadness and pain I felt after enduring such a tragedy. I began making jewelry with the insects I collected as a hobby. But when I received such positive feedback from friends and family a door opened and "TheButterflyBabe" began. I spent hours researching better techniques for preserving butterflies, Learning how to pin, mount, resin, and many other techniques I use today. From such darkness I have found so much positivity and light.
There are many native milkweed species in each of the six 'Milkweed Regions'. It is important to plant seeds from plants grown as close as possible to where you'll be planting them. Planting non-native milkweed can do great HARM to the ecosystem and can KILL Monarchs rather than save them. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE AND SEE HOW YOU CAN HELP
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