Ball Python Snake in Skull Bottle

Ball Python Snake in Skull Bottle


Handmade by The Butterfly Babe

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  • Item is as photographed
  • Bottle is included
  • Professionally preserved with formalin and transferred into alcohol.

This Specimen was collected from local breeders/reptile keepers after it passed a natural life !! I DO NOT harm anything for my work !!

IMPORTANT: Wet Specimens are shipped without alcohol inside of vacuum sealed bags. upon arrival you must promplty refill the bottle with 70%+ isopropyl alcohol (which can be purchased at most convenient stores) Instructions will be included in with your parcel.

All orders are shipped with a Care Card to ensure your specimen will last lifetimes to come. Because of the USPS Shipping regulations these items are shipped ONLY TO WITHIN USA. -

The Butterfly Babe,
Sarah Folts

Ethical Insect Art – Preserved Nature – Natural History Specimens – Ecological Awareness and Preservation – TheButterflyBabe

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