Comet Moth, Madagascar Moon Moth - Argema mittrei


The Comet moth, also known as the Madagascar comet moth, is a giant silk moth native to the rainforests of Madagascar. They are, like so many other species, threatened due to the deforestation and habitat loss of there native land.

Their Caterpillars feed constantly for about two moths before pupating. It takes 70–85 days from an egg to the adult, depending on the temperature and humidity conditions. they use thier colorful wings to attract its mate.

An adult moth’s life is short, no longer than 12 days (females live longer due to their fat reserves). Moths do not have mouths, unable to feed, their only purpose is to mate and produce the next generation before passing away within 5 days.

Moths are closely related to butterflies; both belonging to the order Lepidoptera. There are nine times more species of moths than butterflies. Apx. 200,000 known species of moths worldwide and thought to be 5 times that amount still undiscovered.

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